is a social network that respects its user's content and desire for retractable information. It is the internet slowed down. It is the best Facebook Alternative. Here is why:

Digipoptosis: All data on expires. After 10 years, all of the user's content is returned, and deleted from our servers.

Privacy: Everything on is private to the rest of the Internet. Only members that are your friends may see your content. There are no location services or geo tags.

100: Users only get 100 friends at a time.

1/Day: Users get 1 post for your day life.

1/Night: Users get 1 post for your nightlife.

Ghost Talk: Self-destructing private messages that actually delete.

Symbiosis: No banner ads, pop-ups, suggested links, or recommendations. Users decide what, if any, advertising they view on

Respect: We do not perform social-experiments on users, nor sell their data to third parties. We love our users, and treat them with respect.

Although the rules of the system may seem complex, they all work together to support the general theme of, which is building a social network that places a premium on privacy, quality, and user rights. Ultimately creating a better user experience.

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