Whats is Digipoptosis?

Digipoptosis is programmed electron death. Membership on theAnti.org is limited to 10 years. The countdown below the navbar tells you how much time you have left on our social network, so make it count. In the weeks preceding your 10 year anniversary, you will be prompted to download your digital history to a local drive for you to keep. All that you have done on theAnti.org is wrapped up and sent back to you in a cool format that you are free to do with what you like. But the day after your 10 year anniversary, all your information, photos, comments, and records of your existence on theAnti.org will be deleted from our servers permanently. You die electronically.
We understand that some of our users will be bummed out that they have to leave theAnti.org after 10 years, but BE HAPPY!! Digipoptosis is a good thing. You will still have all your data backed up to a local drive, and of course you are not really dead, only erased. The intention of theAnti.org is to be transient, temporary, and revocable. This is our way of protecting your digital footprint. Think of theAnti.org as a returnable information silo. It is ten years of your life to have fun, party, make mistakes, and hopefully not have them follow you forever. This way you don't have to explain to your grandparents or little sister why it is funny to have your picture taken doing whatever the most current meme is. In short… You don't have to go home, but you can’t stay here forever. Once you reach 10 years, you are out. We wrap it all up and let you have it back. It’s been real.

Why can't I post more often?

Because our One-a-Day and Night thread is better than your facebook feed. It is throttled to 1 post during the day, and 1 post during the night. Too often social networking sites get filled with viral clickbait and spam. We feel that by limiting the number of times a user can post to the common thread, it will make the user think about what they are saying. This encourages people who do not post often, to do so because they know it will not get lost in the sea of posts like on other social networks. This also discourages users from re-posting spam, fake news, or whatever clickbait video is making the rounds that day. Take some pride in your electronic self. Show some restraint, and only publish the good stuff. Some might think they need more friends or need to post more often, but we feel this slowed down version of a social network is very pleasant and nice. In short… Stop posting everything, only post quality. Message each other all you want with Ghost Talk, but you can only post to the common thread once a day and night, so use it wisely.

Why is theAnti.org private?

None of the content on theAnti.org will show up on search engines. We are a stand-alone entity on the Internet, a completely private social network, visible only to its members. There is no signing in with facebook or google. We do not claim any of the users’ content to be property of theAnti.org. We will not sell your information to advertisers or brands. It is a private information silo that is open to you and 100 of your friends.
We feel the Internet has become TOO connected and sticky. By working to keep our social network private, we hope our users are protected from any watchful eye that could prevent them from getting into a particular college, or landing that certain job, not to mention simply to stop some weirdo from snooping on you. In short… We don’t care about the rest of the web. We do our own thing, and work our best to keep it private for you.

Why can I only have 100 friends?

Because you only need 100 friends. Once you have reached 100 friends, you have to un-friend someone before you can add the next. This improves the quality of the relationships on theAnti.org, and forces users to make a choice. This gives users an excuse to not be friends with their weird uncle, annoying boss, or nosy mother-in-law. This also discourages bot-nets, and trivial comparisons of who has the most followers. This limitation allows theAnti.org to compete against much larger social networks because theAnti.org reaches critical mass from a user standpoint when the user acquires 100 friends. This also allows our new form of advertising called “Symbiosis” to work very nicely.
We are hoping the introduction of scarcity into online friends makes them more valuable. Being friends with anyone on any other site is easy and doesn’t mean much, but being friends with someone on theAnti.org is real, intimate, and personal. For example, you can follow Miley Cyrus on facebook just like everyone else, but if you were one of her 100 friends on theAnti.org, it would be way cooler. theAnti.org is for your REAL friends, the VIP ones. Not for people you simply happen to know. Save the casual acquaintances or forced relationships for another social networks.

What is Ghost Talk?

Ghost Talk allows you to send and receive texts, pictures, and short videos to your friends on theAnti.org. You can send them to a single friend, or multiple friends at a time. Ghost talks disappear after the user assigned amount of time. Ghost talks are encrypted and NOT saved as part of Digipoptosis
Unlike other popular forms of discreet communication, we actually delete the Ghost Talks once they expire. Like for real... in fact, the messages are never recorded on our servers in the first place. It’s kind of spooky how these messages get sent. We actually have no idea how Ghost Talks even work, maybe lasers? Use Ghost Talk to chat with friends on the fly, while saving the quality content for the One-a-Day common thread. In short… Ghost Talks are ephemeral and delete forever.

What is Symbiosis?

Symbiosis is our experimental business model coming in 2019. We respect our users on theAnti.org. We do not pimp them out to advertisers by allowing our website to be covered with banner ads, pop-ups, or videos. Any interaction between Brand and User is done voluntarily and for the mutual benefit of both parties. Users like it because there are no ad’s. Brands like it because they get honest feedback from a loyal or interested person. An added benefit to the Brand, is that they only have to pay one time to be friends with the user, but from then on, they have the ability to show content to the user everyday for free. We provide an even playing field for both Users and Brands.

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